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Students with special educational needs do particularly well due to the high level of expertise of those who support them. 

SIAMS 2013

Special needs support

Your previous school will tell us if you need any extra help at school and what support you have had so far. 

We help and support students in a variety of ways to help everyone to learn and achieve.  You may have in-class support, provided by an experienced member of staff from Student Support.  You may work on a one to one basis or in small groups.  You may work on our literacy and numeracy support programmes. 

Extra support in Y11

You will be given extra help to achieve your target grades if you need this, either through special revision sessions, small group work or targeted support.

This includes extra lunchtime and after school coursework sessions and possibly Saturday classes.

Learning mentor

You may be allocated a  Key Worker who will take particular interest in your progress and supporting you.

Click here to read the Regulation 3 Special Educational Needs and Disability (Information) Regulations (2014)

Disabled students and those who have special educational needs achieve well. The progress of individual students is very carefully tracked and staff make sure that they receive good quality support.

Students supported through school action plus and those with a statement of special educational needs do particularly well. There are no significant gaps between the achievement of different groups of students across the school.

Ofsted 2013.