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Off-Site Arrangements

Until October, students at Lutterworth College Sixth Form are expected to remain on the College grounds for the whole of the College day and, when not in lessons, engage in quiet independent learning in one of the Study Spaces provided.

Many of our students take advantage of the nearby amenities situated a short walk from the college. From October onwards, students are allowed to leave site for lunch (13:25-14:05) and, provided they do not have a timetabled lesson in the final slot of the day (14:10-15:10), they can remain offsite for the remainder of the afternoon. Our off site privileges are subject to our students meeting the criteria outlined below relating to the attendance and conduct expectations we have for our Sixth Form students.

Please note that our off site privileges only apply towards the end of the college day. Students are always required to attend mentor time at the start of the day (8:40am-9:00am).

What are our expectations?

Our Lutterworth Sixth intervention system centres around thresholds based on attendance and conduct.

Attendance Every four weeks we will review your attendance, beginning after October half term. If your attendance has fallen below 90%, you will trigger the first stage of our attendance intervention (attendance level 1). This will result in the removal of students' off site privileges during the following four week period. Their privileges will be reinstated provided they have met the 90% threshold during the allocated review period.
Conduct As our most mature students at Lutterworth College and role models for our younger year groups, we have high expectations in terms of behaviour and conduct. Students are rewarded and sanctioned in line with our college credit/behaviour system. Accrual of sanctions totalling -25 or above will result with students being issued a conduct level 1 and therefore the removal of their off site privileges. Conduct targets are discussed with the Lutterworth Sixth Leadership Team and their off site privileges will be reinstated provided they have met the targets set in their action plan.

In addition to our attendance and conduct thresholds, we may remove students' off site privileges to better support them with their progress and achievement. For example, it is customary that student who do fulfil their Wider Study or A level Mindset obligations will lose off-site privileges at lunchtime, for a period of time, as a corrective measure.

The College retains the right to review, amend & retract any of the above arrangements, either individually or as a cohort, if students act in a way that does not reflect the very best attributes of Sixth Form Students whilst accessing Off-Site or abuse the above system in any way.