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Lutterworth College

Intervention System

Our intervention system has been developed to support the personal and professional development of our students. We want our students to be better prepared for life as school leavers, and set out expectations which instill the values required to become well rounded young adults. Whilst we understand the importance of student autonomy and independence, we are also aware of the standards and expectations students will be held to upon leaving Lutterworth Sixth.




In addition to the issue of an improvement plan, students' off site privileges will be removed during the four week review period. Within the allocated period, if a student meets the 90% threshold or above, no further action will be required and all off site privileges will be reinstated. Whilst general illness will not qualify as extenuating circumstances, other authorised absences due to medical appointments/conditions, work experience and university visits will be taken into consideration when reviewing a student's attendance.



As part of our behaviour system at Lutterworth College, our Sixth Form students receive positive and negative points based on their conduct. At the end of each half term (or after four weeks in the case of the new school year), we look at how many negative points have been accrued by each student. Where a student exceeds the -25 threshold, they are issued with an action plan as per the conduct system above. Much like the attendance levels, off site privileges are removed for the following half term and are reinstated provided that they have met the actions outlined in their plan.