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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour and at Lutterworth College students will develop a deep understanding of how Psychology can help us to explain and understand behaviour from different psychological perspectives. As a Science A-Level, Psychology students will gain a greater insight into the complex interaction between biology and behaviour and the broad nature of the subject enables a range of opportunities for further study. Our Church of England CHRIST values are embedded within Psychology and students can demonstrate these values at various points during their A-Level in the following ways by:

  • Being Courageous in seeing how Psychology can explain a range of behaviours, both positive and negative, and understanding that all behaviours have complex reasons behind them.
  • Being Hard working in the pursuit of psychological knowledge through research and study.
  • Being Reflective about how psychologists have differing and sometimes opposing views on explaining behaviours and which view they might agree with and why?
  • Being Inspirational in challenging psychological theories and sharing their own view with other students.
  • Being Supportive in sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas about the topics covered and sensitive to the circumstances of others.
  • Being Tenacious in their study of Psychology by always asking ‘so what’ when critically evaluating theories and research evidence.

A-Level Psychology

Many students choose to study Psychology at A-level as it a very broad subject covering many different facets of behaviour. Some of the key topics in Year One include looking at how memory works and how research into this field has broadened our understanding of the fallibility of memory. Social Influence looks at why people conform and obey, and Psychopathology covers mental illness and how research has helped to develop treatments for common disorders including anxiety and phobias. As Psychology is classed as a Science A-Level there is a significant biological focus across topics and a mathematical component within Research Methods to ensure students develop a good understanding of the scientific nature of the subject. In Year Two students’ study four topics that further develop their understanding of the subject consisting of Relationships, Schizophrenia, Addiction and will also cover key issues and debates within the Social Sciences. This topic looks at trying to answer questions such as is our behaviour due to our nature or nurture? Do we have free will? Should a behaviour be explained taking a reductionist or holistic view?

A Level Psychology Curriculum Map