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Sixth Form Curriculum 

Students embarking on A levels or BTEC qualifications will be expected to complete the two year 'journey' through Sixth Form and complete all of their level 3 courses within that timespan. A levels will be taught with the expectation that students take all of their public examinations at the end of the two year course. Standalone AS examinations will generally not be offered at the end of Year 12 unless by specific arrangement.

Benefits of this pathway will:

  • Allow students to focus from the very outset on the courses they are really interested in
  • Negate students picking up a ‘fourth’ weaker subject because they have to
  • Avoid the distraction of ‘dropping’ a subject either before or after Year 12 exams
  • Lead to better outcomes for Lutterworth College Sixth Form students

The three subject choices will be enriched by the vast amount of opportunities offered by the College to have a full personal portfolio that enables each student to leave Lutterworth Sixth Form with the confidence, character and creativity to cope with the challenges and opportunities in today’s dynamic society.

Students taking the Further Mathematics A level will continue to be able to access 4 A level choices.

The following table details the course choices that the College expects to offer to Sixth Form students from September 2019:


A Levels



Art & Design






English Language

English Literature


Further Maths








Product Design


Religious Studies


Health & Social


Performing Arts (Drama)

Performing Arts (Dance)


English Language


AS levels

(Year 13)

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Advanced GCE Courses

You can select from a broad range of subjects from Economics to Dance. The content and style is similar to that which you will be used to with GCSE subjects but the depth and volume of the work will be much greater. Some subjects follow on directly from GCSE courses e.g. Maths, Geography, etc. but others you will not have been able to study before e.g. Economics, Psychology, Government and Politics.  Achieving a grade 6 or above at GCSE is a good indicator of success in advanced courses.

Reformed A levels will:

• have new content with greater input from universities
• be linear, with assessments typically taking place after two years of study
• keep the A* to E grading scale 

From 2018 courses moved to become fully linear with no AS public examinations at the end of Year 12. Students on the Further Mathematics course will still undertake public examinations at the end of Year 12.

Advanced GCE Applied Courses

Advanced GCE Applied courses offer you opportunities to study at Advanced Level standard with specialism in a particular vocational (i.e. employment related) area e.g. Health & Social Care.  Although there are exams, much of the course is assessed by the production of a portfolio of work (coursework).  These may be a good idea for students who have undertaken Applied Courses such as a BTEC Level 2 in Years 10 and 11.

BTEC Level 3 Certificate/Subsidiary Diploma

This course is at the same level and carries the same value as the traditional A-Levels. The Certificate is equivalent to an AS-Level and the Subsidiary Diploma is equivalent to one full A-Level.  It is assessed through practical and written assignments (there is no examination), with students receiving one of three grades at the end of the course.  Possible grades are Distinction, Merit and Pass.  The course seeks to strike a balance between an academic approach and practical skills relevant to careers in your chosen area.  As with A-Levels you will receive a grade at the end of Year 12 and can opt to continue to Year 13. Through success in these courses you will achieve UCAS points for a University application

Retake English and Maths GCSEs

Should you need to gain a qualification in English or Mathematics.

Subjects (2019-2020)

Please click on the subject title to see the course information. 

A quick guide to subjects and entry criteria is provided here

Should you have any further enquiries, contact us

A Levels

AS levels

BTEC Level 3 Courses

GCSE Re-take opportunities