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'Formal prayers can be used, and pupils understand the importance of prayer in collective worship and private moments. This is strongly supported by the chaplain in the context of the vision. Understanding of Anglican practice is evident through visits to the church at festivals. Collective worship is well planned, inspirational and strongly led.' (SIAMS 2019)

Lutterworth College is a happy college community. The Church connection goes right back to the foundation of Lutterworth College (formally Lutterworth Grammar School) in 1880. The Chaplaincy is just part of those ongoing traditions with the current Chaplain, Graham Thomas, who has been in post since 2012. Prior to becoming Chaplain of Lutterworth College, Mr Thomas spent fourteen years as senior leader of the Lutterworth Community Church working closely with the other churches in the town and into all the schools in Lutterworth. He is now focussing all his attention on the LC Chaplaincy, the community of Lutterworth and surrounding villages, having spent the last eight years working part time for an inner-city church in Leicester. The Chaplains office, or ‘Faith Room’ is situated right at the heart of the campus in the H block corridor.

The Chaplain helps with organising and presenting school assemblies, which incorporate ‘collective acts of worship’ and promote our Christian values as a faith-based school. College Senior Leaders take assemblies and the Chaplain has time within each assembly to deliver the College ‘Thought for the Week’. This will consist of our values that are presented in the ‘Be Christ’ strategy, a short Biblical passage, ending with a brief prayer. Our ‘Be Christ’ strategy is an acronym that stands for the following: Be- Courageous, Hardworking, Reflective, Inspirational, Supportive, Tenacious. There are posters in classrooms and around school reminding us all about these values. These values are not unique to Christianity but are a great strategy to help ‘every young person, to learn, flourish and succeed’.

We recognize that our 'Be CHRIST' values are game changers in the lives of our students. We chose these values from a Biblical perspective because we are a Christian faith school. As you can see, with all the values, there comes a Bible verse which connects them to faith. But this is more than just about ‘Christian faith’. For those of a different faith or no faith at all, this strategy is an excellent ethos for success and resilience throughout all walks of life. So for all the difficulties and opportunities in life, we strongly encourage all our students to: be ‘Courageous’ (go for that job, you are awesome, don’t be a walk over); be ‘Hardworking’, (the good things in life need to be chased, are worth chasing, they won’t ‘just happen’); be ‘Reflective’ (think about everything, reactions, directions, relations, decisions); be ‘Inspirational’ (give yourself so fully to whatever you do, as to inspire those around you and all who see your achievements); be ‘Supportive’ (be the most caring person you know - help family, friends, neighbours, charities - people are important); and be ‘Tenacious’ (never give up, stand firm, be the best).

At Lutterworth College we have a Chaplaincy team made up of the Chaplain, College staff, local church ministers and LC Governors. The Team helps with events such as diversity day, church trips, other trips, in and out of college youth clubs, also taking some SMSC and RS lessons. The Chaplaincy is ready and available for devastating times such as bereavement. It has, and is willing, to take part in formal church ceremonies for students and staff.

Although the College is a Church of England school, in our very nature we are totally inclusive. This means we welcome students and staff from all religions and none. We care for everyone and will try to do our best to help in any way we can.

The Chaplaincy exists for the staff as well as students and helps to make Lutterworth College the caring, happy and successful community it is.  The Chaplaincy promotes the phrase ‘people are important’ for unity in a diverse World. Through our Christian ethos and strategy, we promote this message throughout College life, helping our students to lead successful lives on every level. A Bible teaching, we often focus on is the parable of the good Samaritan. (Luke 10: 25-37). This is where Jesus says, “Love your neighbour as yourself.” He is asked, “who is my neighbour?” He then tells the parable. The ‘Samaritan’ represents the enemy, the unexpected, the disliked, the rejected, the different one etc. We love and care for people because they are people.

The Chaplain is very willing to discuss any of the above and will make himself available for you. Feel free to get in touch.

The Chaplain, Graham Thomas - email him on g.thomas@lutterworthcollege.com