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We have an Attendance Team at Lutterworth College who monitor closely attendance levels with a focus on reducing absence. 


We expect a student’s attendance to be 97% or above (as a minimum) and will support and intervene when this is not the case. We encourage all students to aim for this as a minimum, as there’s a direct correlation between a high attendance percentage and success in all areas of school life. 

The table below shows the link between a student’s attendance percentage and the amount of education lost.

Attendance %

Days missed

Education lost



10 lessons



30 lessons



50 lessons



75 lessons



100 lessons



200 lessons

The role of parents/carers

We would like to remind all parents/carers to:

  • Contact Lutterworth College before 8.40am each day of a student’s absence to explain reasons for this absence.
  • Where possible, arrange any non-urgent medical appointments outside of school hours. We will require medical evidence for appointments made during the school day, e.g. appointment card/letter.
  • Ensure your child arrives for school on time.

Students who arrive late to College must sign in at Main Reception in The Laurels. Repeated lateness will result in a referral to our Attendance Officer.

No student will be allowed off site unless it has been confirmed by an adult in advance.

To contact the Attendance Team, you can either call on 01455 554 101, or email attendance@lutterworthcollege.com.

Truancy call

Truancy Call is a system we use each day to alert parents/carers when students have not arrived in school.

Please be advised that a text message will be sent to the parent/carer set up as first contact if your child is not in school and we have not been notified of any absence.

With this in mind please always ensure we are notified of any changes/updates to contact details. Changes can be emailed through to enquiries@lutterworthcollege.com.

Illness while in school

If a student feels unwell during the school day, they must in the first instance report to Student Reception. A member of the team will assess them and, if necessary, contact a parent/carer to arrange for them to be collected. The absence will then be coded accordingly.

Leave of absence

Holidays/leaves of absence are not permitted during term time. If an exceptional circumstance arises, a Leave of Absence form should be completed and emailed to attendance@lutterworthcollege.com.

Taking a child on holiday during term time would be regarded as unauthorised
absence. Parents who do so may be issued with a Penalty Notice by Leicestershire Local Authority.