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Our History 

We’re really proud of the College’s history. We have been educating the young people of Lutterworth and its surrounding areas since 1880. Initially a boarding school for around 30 students, the College is now home to more than 1,500 learners – all of whom are taught to ‘dare to be wise’, or ‘Sapere aude’, to use our Latin motto.

The College used to be known as Lutterworth Grammar School. While our vision and values are influenced by our rich heritage, it’s important to us that we’re not stuck in the past. We are constantly looking forwards to ensure our students are well prepared for the challenges and demands of modern life.

For most of our students, Year 7 is just the beginning of a seven-year educational journey. Although academic achievement and intellectual inquiry are central to our work, social and emotional development is at the heart of what we do. We’re committed to nurturing an environment in which all of our learners feel valued and safe so that they can develop into happy, confident and respectful young people.

We know that the move from primary to secondary school can be a daunting experience for young children and their families – but it’s important we see it as an exciting time – and one rich with opportunity.

We hope you want to join us on the adventure.