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What is Politics? Everyone who has ever read a newspaper or watched the news on television has encountered the study of Politics. The war on terror, the difficulties faced by the Conservative government of Theresa May, Brexit, student university fees and loans,  the current  and ever ongoing debate about gun ownership in America, - all of these events can be described as ‘political’.  Politics is one of the oldest academic disciplines yet the questions to which it seeks answers are as relevant today as they were in the time of Plato and Aristotle.  How do groups of people seek to resolve conflicts peacefully?  Is our voting system fair?  Could we change our voting system? Should 16 year-olds get the vote? Should we leave Europe? Should we abolish the monarchy? The course seeks to give an understanding of all these questions.

Year 12 will give you a thorough knowledge of how government and the other political institutions work in Britain. There will also be an opportunity to develop an understanding of political ideology. The Year 13 course also takes matters further by examining some of the deeper issues of American government. You will be given the opportunity to compare the systems in the UK and USA. All students who have an interest in current affairs and want to find out more about the most important questions which have faced the human race will find this course particularly absorbing.


Where will this course take me?

 If you are to be successful at AS or A Level Politics you should have a genuine interest in Current Affairs, and a desire to find out more about Government and Politics in Britain and later, in Year 13, the United States of America. Government and Politics is a valued academic course which is best pursued with other academic stablemates like History, English Literature and Economics. Post 16 politicians often have a prior interest in current affairs and this is reflected in the large numbers of them that choose to continue their studies to undergraduate study at University. Politics is often a serious recommendation for students who want to pursue a career in the law.


Entry requirements:

A grade 5 in either GCSE History, Geography or Grade 5 for English Literature and have the commitment to read and research independently. Students should be able to sustain writing in longer, significant pieces of work for homework, classwork and examination and be able to confidently and clearly express ideas verbally. Students will also need a high level of organisation and the ability to prioritise workloads.


 Course Contacts: Mrs K Williams and Miss Y Schaapkens.