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Centre Assessment Grades 2020

As a College we understand that this has been an unsettling and anxious time for many of our students, with the unexpected early end to the year and the cancellation of this summer’s exams and external assessments.

Recent media coverage of the way in which A Level and GCSE grades have been determined has no doubt added to this anxiety.

The information on this page has been put together to provide further guidance and reassurance about how results have been calculated this year, and the choices available to Year 11 and 13 students once they have received their GCSE, A Level and Btec results.

When students receive their results, if they have any questions or would like support we are here to help. We have a dedicated email address to use for this:



Please read the rest of this page carefully before getting in touch, as you may find we've already answered your question(s).

If you do need to get in touch, please make sure you provide us with the information required on the correct form(s). Failure to follow the required process may compromise the speed and efficiency of the support we can offer.

We will be able to identify the most suitable person to respond/provide support and ensure they get back to you as soon as possible. This may be by email to you or giving you a call, so please provide a contact number.

Examples of why you might need to contact us:

  • support with a sixth form or college application
  • for guidance if you haven’t got the grades to study the subjects you had chosen for A Levels
  • for help with university clearing
  • for support with your UCAS application
  • for help with what your choices are/what to do next now you’ve received your results
  • a question about one or more of your grades

Please help us by only using this email address as others may not be monitored.

How are grades calculated this year?

As a result of the government's decision to cancel exams, your subject teachers were asked to provide the exam boards with:

  1. ‘Centre Assessment Grades’ for all subjects that students were entered for. These grades were based on the available evidence and what your teachers felt each student would most likely have achieved if they had sat their examinations this year.
  2. a ‘rank order’ of all students within each grade for each subject, based on what your teachers felt each student would most likely achieve at qualification level, under normal circumstances.

College teachers know their students well and have based their decisions on a range of evidence, which includes coursework or non-exam assessment and prior exam or mock results.

The information submitted to the exam boards went through a rigorous checking process involving other teachers, Heads of Department, and Senior Leaders in order to ensure all students had been treated fairly and equitably. The final grades were signed off by the Headteacher.

Click below for a diagram of the step by step process the College followed to determine students’ ‘Centre Assessment Grades’ for GCSE and A Level.

Lutterworth College A Level & GCSE Grading Process

The exam boards have reviewed the centre assessment grades and rank orders submitted to them by the College and have applied a process of ‘statistical standardisation’. This uses a statistical model, developed by Ofqual, to look at things like historical data and the national picture, as well as the data from schools, to issue adjusted grades. The final grades awarded to students are the higher of either the centre assessment grade or the exam board adjusted grade. 

When will you find out your results?

You will find out your grades on the results days:

  • 13 August 2020 – AS/A Levels and Level 3 Btec qualifications
  • 20 August 2020 – GCSE and Level 2 Btec qualifications

Results statements will be sent to students’ school email accounts after 8.00am and will also be available to view in GO 4 Schools. If students have not received their results by 9.00am they should notify school by phone.

What to do if you have any questions about your results?

If you have any questions about your results or feel there has been an error, you can contact the College to discuss this. Please email us at results@lutterworthcollege.com explaining your question(s) or concern on the Exam Grade Query Form.Exam Grade Query FormBefore emailing, make sure you have looked at the information on this page and the diagram of the step by step process the College followed to determine students’ centre assessment grades as this may answer your question(s). GCSE and A Level grades belong to the student and any correspondence should be from the student.  

We are requesting students only use this email address to ensure that the most appropriate person e.g. subject teacher, senior leader, Exams Manager etc. responds to your query and contacts you at the earliest opportunity. Other email addresses may not be monitored during this period. 


Ofqual have stated that students cannot challenge their individual centre assessment grades. Dissatisfaction with the grades issued by the exam board does not constitute grounds for an appeal unless there has been an error in the data submitted by the College or an error on the part of the exam board. If you still have a concern about a grade you have been awarded and have raised this with the College, Ofqual state you can ask the College to:

  • check whether an error was made when submitting your centre assessment grade and rank order to the awarding body;
  • seek any information the awarding body holds in relation to how your final grade was calculated in case of error by the exam board;
  • raise a complaint if you feel you have evidence of bias or that you were discriminated against; you could also pass such evidence on to the awarding body who could investigate for potential malpractice.

Ofqual have published a student guide to appeals. If you have concerns about how your grades were calculated, this information may help you understand whether you might have a reason to make an appeal or a complaint about malpractice or maladministration, including if you have concerns about bias or discrimination.

Ofqual Student Guide to Appeals and Malpractice

Ofqual and the awarding bodies have confirmed that there will be not charge for appeals this year.

Next assessment opportunity

If you are unhappy with your results or the outcome of an appeal, you will be able to resit the exam in an exam series being run in autumn this year. All subjects that would have been offered in the summer 2020 examinations will be offered this autumn. In the autumn series assessment will be by examination only; there will be no non-exam assessment, with the exception of Art and Design qualifications.

The timetable will run as follows:

  • GCE AS and A Level examinations start on Monday 5 October and finish on Friday 23 October.
  • GCSE examinations start on Monday 2 November and finish on Monday 23 November.

Prior to any entries being made, it is important to consider carefully how you will independently prepare for these exams. Further details about the process for entries and deadlines will be sent to all students when available following results days.

Progression to your next stage

Progression to your next stage – be that university, work, Sixth Form or college. Ofqual has confirmed that these results will carry the same weight as in other years and should be treated the same by employers, colleges and universities.  If you are studying a Level 3 qualification, they will carry the same number of UCAS points as in previous years. UCAS has created some helpful  resources for those students who have applied, or who are considering applying to higher education. A link to these can be found in the Other useful information/Support section.

Remember if you need any help once you receive your results with your next steps you should email results@lutterworthcollege.com. This will allow us to ensure the most suitable person then contacts you to provide support. 

Other useful information/support

Students may find the following documents and links useful with the information on this page:

Ofqual Student Guide to Post 16 Qualification Results - Summer 2020

Lutterworth College Summer 2020 Results & Appeals Process Information for Candidates

Further details regarding the Summer 2020 Results & Appeals Process can be found on the Policies & Documents page

UCAS support materials: Ucas can provide information and support on university applications, their website also has come useful information.

Telephone: 0371 468 0468    website: https://www.ucas.com/coronavirus

Exam Results Helpline: The exam results helpline can provide students with information on appeals, complaints or what next steps may be once students have received their results.

Telephone: 0800 100 900    website: https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/

Ofqual student support phoneline: The Ofqual student support phoneline can help if you want to find out more about how you were graded, the autumn exams series, how to make an appeal or raise a concern about bias or discrimination.

Telephone: 0300 303 3344